The best and fastest way to become productive with OpenFPM depend from your knowledge. When you have a C++ base knowledge we suggest to follow the examples. Starting from the simplest one, and using the API reference to know more or search for methods. If you do not have any knowledge of C++ and programming, we suggest to follow the video lessons before the examples


The examples can be downloaded here.
In order to compile the examples, go into your OpenFPM installation directory ("/usr/local" is the default) and copy the file Consider that the red part must be substituted with where you installed openfpm

tar -xf examples.tar.bz2
cp /usr/local/openfpm_pdata/include/ .
source $HOME/openfpm_vars

The examples are grouped by data structure, each folder has a set of examples, the number is progressive based on level of complexity. The Makefile inside each example is simple to follow and can be used as a starting point to create your own makefile

API Reference

The API reference can be generated with

doxygen openfpm_pdata.doc
firefox doxygen/html/index.html

An online version can be founded here

Video Lessons

Our video lessons can be followed here

Source browser

OpenFPM source code browser, this