OpenFPM installation system try to take care of all the dependencies and solve potential problems in advance. We test many systems from clean machines, but a user configuration can change a lot from a clean machine. In this page we collect a guideline to handle general problems you can encounter.


Failure in pre-configuration or configuration

Problem: A failure in pre-configuration or configuration happen if the installation fail to detect a required tool and failed to install such tool on your system. The error message specify which component has failed and that was not possible to recover the situation.
Solution: If the tool was installed using the package manager (apt-get,dnf,brew), control that the command line and package name is correct, if necessary re-execute manually the step and analyze the error message. Fix the command line on your system accordingly, restart the installation once done. If it is a base component that fail to compile, please check that the C++ and FORTRAN compiler installed on your system work properly. Update or re-install them if necessary.

Failure in compilation

Problem: The installation status report FAILED. Some of the dependencies are listed in green followed by a path or "System Installation" (some could be red followed by NO).
Solution: The OpenFPM installer try to detect libraries and components needed to compile OpenFPM, in case these components are not present they are automatically installed. In some cases the detection can be too weak to detect in advance partial or broken installation, so a system installation can be detected as good but than produce problems later-on. Re-install the components with "System Installation" using the OpenFPM scripts