OpenFPM is a scalable open framework for particle and particle-mesh codes on parallel computers.

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Selected simulations

OpenFPM is used in many projects, please see some of the simulation samples below. Other examples are available in the Example section.

Diffusive heat conduction with distributed surface sink in a sample of reticulate porous ceramics. Reconstruction of the solid phase represented as a sparse-grid level set

Visualization of the OpenFPM-simulation of one of steady-state patterns produced by the Gray-Scott reaction-system in 3D.

Dam-break simulation of weakly compressible Navier-Stokes equations in SPH formulation. The figure shows a density iso-surface indicating the fluid surface with color indicating the fluid velocity magnitude. The simulation domain is split into 4 subdomains run on 4 processors.

Fully developed bent coherent angular motion of an active fluid in a 3D annular domain with visualized polarity (top) and velocity (bottom) streamlines.

OpenFPM simulation of a vortex ring at with 256 million particles on 3072 processors using a hybrid particle-mesh Vortex Method to solve the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations